Okay. We’re very lucky this afternoon. We have found the Malcolm a female and her remaining cups. so sadly she’s down to one cup. We don’t know what happened to the other one. There’s been no sign for about a month now just one track further in the manual, but just on the when we came and checked an old den she was lying on the rock and we can see a cup. Oh okay here. It comes it’s coming out now. I mean the chances of a female getting to come through to independence is always very rare in this part of the world, where there’s so many other predators. And still, if you can. It looks like the mother’s starting to move away. uh it looks like she’d seen something up in the rocks and so I don’t know she’s leaving a couple it with her. so we’ll try for another view, but just we’re pretty happy to hear to see that at least one cups. So we thought we just record this for posterity. we found what we think might be the biggest lizard in Africa. It is an absolute dinosaur or beyond all reasonable description. It’s amazing. The biggest and there is no way we can convey how big this thing is it’s practically dragon Okay this afternoon, Our mission is one of the scientific variety. We are here to put our lives on the line to measure or to measure the size of what’s supposed to be the biggest monitor lizard in Africa. certainly the biggest and certainly the biggest we’ve seen an absolute behemoth. It’s fairly hard to capture the beast itself and subdued for scientific measurement. We wouldn’t wanna do that’s impact so we are gonna go up and measure where the monitor was lying. We have to estimate. Trying to establish just how long we think the thing is so we’ve got a gear up. Clamor around there for a good 10 minutes, he’s yet to start screaming and there’s no sign of blood. We’ve looked through the binoculars. we’ve deemed it safe to approach doesn’t look like the monitors there or it’s deep in the crack. So now we can safely conduct the measurements any sign not yet definitely a layout. So we’ve got the reference photo. it’s time to measure. So, this is pretty much the length of its body, which for a monitor lizard is pretty terrifying. So we’ve got the measurement at about 75 centimeters of just the body that’s been quite conservative. So we’re looking at roughly just sort of two meters for the entire length of this monitor lizard, which is pretty much as big as they get it is starting to get quite dark and I’m pretty sure this thing can smell that we’re here. so I think it’s time to make a hasty retreat back to the car. It’s not 5 AM we’re heading across the river to see if they might females. We’ve really come across tracks of at least one line heading towards the river. I think like us this line might have come down with the intention of crossing and found the river significantly higher than you thought it would be. So now, we’re just weighing up whether we can get over. I think we can. Cuz it’s usually not that deep, it just looks worse than it is, but do we push it? Do we take the risk for good TV? I think we do. And luckily we made it, It’s a bit embarrassing having to call for a tractor at five in the morning. Hopefully the line made it too, So we’ll carry on along the river and then head towards the. We’re here now at the day and there’s nothing to be seen. It’s all quiet, which in itself doesn’t actually mean too much mother and might be here. They’re just not possible to see that can be the long grass behind the rocks the by itself even harder. It’s unlikely to come out and be moving around too much while the mother’s away. It’s been cloudy the last couple of nights, which means good hunting conditions. I suspect the mother’s made a kill somewhere and she’s taking the cup there, but we have to find to prove it. Okay, we’re back in the river. we found a leopard monkeys are alarming just spotted her heading into the thick. Oh we might lose her that she’s up ahead of us here. Okay. We lost that leopard within about 30 seconds of tucked into the thick down towards the river and two dense deep drainage line couldn’t stick with it, but come down to the river to the crossing point because Dean and Josh are about to come across here and it’s a lot deeper than I think they think so we could get some fun. That’s right. Nature is absolutely remarkable. We’ve been sitting there watching this male yellow horn feeding his feeding his wife, the female that’s in the nest and breeding in the chicks and it’s you know the best stuff happens when you just sit still and take it all in. That’s when you start noticing things and you start hearing things you wouldn’t normally hear because the noise the engine would drown and this was actually found by Pete for a couple of days ago. We’re watching mating leopards right here. Quite dark, so we’re gonna get a small bit of footage. have a look here. Thank you. And now we’ve come to observe the nest again. see the male feeding. He’s amazing. He’s coming in every couple of minutes. I mean the shortest trip he made was a minute and 17 seconds left got another piece of food and he’s feeding all sorts of things to the female you see bringing centerpiece Moss Katie did whole variety of little grabs and just sitting here. There’s so much going on that. The horn didn’t come in for a while cuz there was a w’s eagle and sitting in the neighboring tree being modeled by there’s a seven weaver building a nest down in the river bed in front of us, I heard of elephants can. The woodland kingfish is screaming in the background. The real magic is just when you sit and take it all in especially in summer. This place is just overflowing with life at the moment. It’s magic. we haven’t moved in an hour. We’ve just been sitting in one spot. We’re heading back down to the river across last encounter. It’s like a whole lot of elephants down by the river and the monkeys alarming, which means there’s a around here somewhere let’s go and have a look. Go. And on the southern Bank of the River. Okay, there’s a lipid over there on the far side of the river. It’s yeah. Whoa. Look at this uh. क्या stopped on the far bank she is coming to the river it will be amazing if she leaves over there will be the Manisha Here you go. Anything. Come on. This was world-class the number I’ve never. I haven’t seen this many elephants in one place for years. This is mind blowing. And we’ll just bask in the memory of one of the most ridiculous elephant sightings in the last ages, they’re well over 100 elephants have trumpeting splashing playing this was and


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