Sean in the driver seat suddenly shocked Honey Badger Honey Badger, and I looked around and normally it’s just a fleeting glimpse. we hardly ever see them and Sean said. No no right in front of us I could only just see it’s head pop around and then all of a sudden start scratching away at the tree. so I thought it was going off to something. we could only see it up half of its body. We realize that it was actually stuck. We didn’t thought thought okay. Well, what do do? We intervene? Do we try and help it out driving off knowing that it’ll be left behind there just didn’t sit quite well with me. Now, we definitely have to try and save the honey bed. there is risky as it was trying to dig the guy out without losing a limb. What we did is, he’s got a blanket and dropped the blanket carefully over it immediately calm down in the ground and stop. As we’re digging we then could see that it was actually stuck in a V in the tree of the rich and in the ground. so we thought if we just dig underneath it, we’ll be able to free it and then hopefully it can get out and run away. After about 2020, – five minutes of digging, we pulled the blanket off and try to let the honey Badger get out by itself, but it was just so physically exhausted and we could see from the scratch marks on the base of the tree that it had been there for maybe even Then we thought if we manage to set the honey Badger free, it’s in a lot lot and very dehydrated. So let’s give it some water. so we use the shovel We put the water on that and immediately from being this ferocious aggressive animal it was completely almost unaware of us being there and we’re just laughing up all of this water from the space. It must have been close to a leader that it finished. they would be like us drinking. Do you know it’s about 10 liters in one day, It must have been so dehydrated it was amazing to see how much it needed to take it. We then thought okay, right now. it’s at least it’s hydrated or partially hydrated. Let’s continue digging. I wanted to trying just grab hold of the honeybear the night of the the neck and pull it free but this not a good idea so it does given further and we had pretty much freed it’s entire ramp worth back from from the ground so we thought okay that’s as much as we gonna go we not gonna be able to dig any further so we use the blanket to try and entire outside grip on and with its cause and actually bite the blanket we use that as a to pull it free I’m the third attempt that eventually went and at the same time running back to the vehicle, expecting the honey Badger to come charging after us that’d be known to go off the line to hold their own against lines. Peter and I were quite terrified that they will come after us once we freed it. luckily as we run for the vehicle, the blanket actually dropped over the honey Badgers back gave us time to get away and it’s slowly crept up from under the blanket and just try to way along the road. Yes. You could see his legs are a little bit wobbly, it probably had low blood supply over the last two days. They’re incredibly tough animals and I’m sure it’s been through a lot worse before. this, we’re probably thinking into that too much, but it almost felt like the honey Badger was really grateful for. I hope that that was awesome. It’s probably one of my best ever experiences at London’s.


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