In the deep South of London this afternoon looking for the cheetah female and two Cubs were seen this morning, but we run into a spectacular of elephants and in amongst them is a tiny tiny cough that they’re keeping in the Middle of the Woods. We’re gonna try to get some footage don’t have we will but let’s see what we can get. That was a very welcome surprise, a tiny little I mean that was a couple of days that’s about as young as you see them. and then she’d like to actually being born We stand wobbly on his feet and mother was so relaxed She just walked right past us didn’t mind. So now it’s moved into thicker. We weren’t gonna follow them, but now there’s some trumpeting and sound a little bit of. something that upset. This is very close to where the cheetah was left this morning. It’s always possible that’s who they run into in it. so let’s go and have a look there. We’re lucky we get the elephant cough and the cheater cups. That wasn’t the cheetah that disturb the elephant, it was a female. and a fascinating situation. That’s developing here the three jae’s feeding on the remains of a kill and the females over the female lipids kinda scooting around just having a look at them. so we’re fairly sure that she made the killer and got robbed and now what we think is that she’s trying to steal some of it back. I don’t know how she’ll get anything cuz three will make short work of most things that a female to bring up Interaction which to the chest up with the details between your legs so think those dominant one of the finest clean I am coming into time share vehicle within the clean this is not a chance of the trust your something back out any one or two left and they are also displacing I think now she must like come in any scripts the seal back Well, that was amazing and very unexpected, we can look for cheaters and a whole score Board of other sightings instead, the elephant and rhino and then the Grand finale. This is leppard in this hyenas, She’s moved off now, but she didn’t manage to get anything of the kill. I mean the scraps behind us, we are finishing off some of the leg bones of what it look like in a partter. We didn’t get a good look at her just to see exactly who she was. We’ll go and check some footage now. and but it looks like the female, which is a female we don’t often see. It doesn’t matter which level it is. it’s it was an amazing sight, so you know she’s moved off into the area where we’re not gonna fall out. I think it’s been as good as we’re gonna get and we’ll have our dinner and she’s gonna look for other options cuz she lost out here, but the high seem happy at least.


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