Video Transcript

We’re sitting sitting at at the the the entrance entrance entrance. entrance to to to the the the wild wild. wild wild dubbin dubbin dubbin. we’ve been watching them them now now for for for almost almost almost two two two weeks. weeks. weeks. weeks. they’ve They’ve They’ve really. really really really provided provided provided some phenomenal viewing viewing when when they they first first first started started started coming coming coming out out. out. they They They They didn’t didn’t didn’t didn’t. go go go much much much much further further. further further than just the the immediate immediate immediate vicinity vicinity vicinity outside outside outside. outside the the the entrance, entrance, entrance, but but but but now now now now. they’re they’re they’re coming coming coming right out out onto onto the the edges edges of of this. this turmeric. We’ve watched in just this short two weeks the pup’s first came out the ears. We’re still folded over and now we’re seeing that they’re starting to perk up a bit. We spend quite a bit of time here ourselves, but most of the time we actually not yet and that includes throughout the night night we we set set up up the the trail trail trail camera camera camera at at at the the the entrance entrance entrance entrance to to to to the the the. the den den. den den just just just so so so that that that we can can see see what what happens happens happens when when when we’re we’re we’re not not not here. here here here. and and and it it it showed us a few interesting interesting things things we’ve we’ve we’ve noticed noticed noticed that that that the the the. the pss pss pss they they they come come come come out out out out at at at. at night night night quite quite quite a a a few few. few times. times. There are other moments. Twitch, It was really quite hard stopping to watch hyena is raided the side. You think being a credited to life’s easy, but there’s a lot of threats to this wild dogs and how you are probably the biggest threat in this area. Allin Pss did survive. We’ll continue to keep this camera up and see what other interesting and hopefully not too many scary moments. It shows us.


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