Wait for the to keep quiet, quiet, It’s it’s I I mean mean in. in Franklin. So we’re sitting within Sabu pride, just looking at a yarn quite a few ones. In fact, you can still see some White bellies, but there’s the early signs of them starting to get a bit active. We don’t drink our ourselves. It’s a bit of a feeling of anticipation that they’re gonna get moving soon soon and and moving moving lines. lines lines lines and and and hand hand hand hand lines. lines. lines. lines. so So So it’s it’s it’s. the the fingers fingers crossed. crossed. just keeping some youngsters playing in front of their walking up this one beautiful big military military one one one of of of the the the top of it gracefully come not not so so much much Was the tree where a couple of days back for the Willa had made it killed. It wasn’t anything left up there, but I’m sure the Center had stayed behind for quite some time and smoke that jump up slipped on a bit but there’s nothing left for him to to feed on and say come on. So you’ve been following these lines now for about two hours and 22 lines on the move and for the last 15 minutes, we’ve just set as each of them have pasta on the road. It’s it’s pretty flipping special at night on the move walking through this place. don’t really do Justice to be honest. Put on the camera and you just share the feet just padding along next year, and you still get that same look the former tools but good shows if that make sense, it’s it’s it’s very hard to describe.


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