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It’s a rare place in the world where naturalists, musicians, artists and rogues find a place and a space where their eclectic skills become a symphony of style and experience. It’s a rare place where Rangers and Trackers are storytellers for the land. At Londolozi we have learnt over four generations that luxury means nothing without feeling, soul and those faint emotions that can’t be conveyed through fancy décor.

The Londolozi family is a collection of people who are passionate about the safari experience. We have families within our family. We have an accountant who also plays guitar and an artist in residence, capturing nature’s divine harmony in paint-frozen moments. We have a filmmaker, a sculptor, sommeliers and a girl from Chicago who just never left.

Our Rangers have slept on the ground miles out in the bush and kept midnight watch around a tiny fire as smoke danced across the night sky. We have elders and ancient Shangaan wisdom. We have educators and philanthropists, who share a passion for red wine, African skies and the odd cheroot. We believe in a great safari hat.

Perhaps the greatest intangible in our village is the awareness that life’s joys come from relationships and friendships, not from material objects. The kitchens and courtyards of Londolozi resound with laughter; it is the spontaneous joy of those who are in the company of kindred spirits, sharing endeavours and a common vision.

Drawn from a diverse ancestral tapestry, these different family groups are united by their commitment to Londolozi, protector of all living things. These family members, some of whom are third generation Londolozi families, work in close proximity with one another, building a lifelong bond with colleagues and guests alike.

We are the Londolozi Family and we know that the most valuable things in this world cannot be bought, they have to be lived. That’s what we do. Come visit us.

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