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Copy that I’m gonna gonna be be working working the the West. West West of of of an an an an elephant elephant elephant. elephant in in in that that the. area. area. Very good afternoon to everyone. Not too far from this area and we’re just gonna start our game drive to find out what is deserving them. First of all my name is Ross. I’m gonna be guiding guiding you you this this afternoon afternoon afternoon and and and hopefully hopefully hopefully we we we can can can find find find some some some really really really cool cool cool stuff stuff. stuff out out there. there. Sit ahead the elephants trumpeting quite a bit. It is a big group of elephants in their congregating. find the young carbs my sort of make quite a racket amongst each other. a predator gets into the area. They’ll start chasing their credit out there don’t tolerate creditors anywhere near them even if it’s a wild dog or a line or is with just running up and seeing what may have disturbed disturbed them them The The The the waste waste waste waste in in. in in section section section is is is quite quite quite a a. a thick thick area area of. of vegetation in. Area that we’re gonna go and you’ll find that carries a diverse amount of species of prayer and predator on leopard’s zones. you know to move into this area and the elephant trainer Buffalo I’ve seen down here. close to the River. Of different answers as well. It is an elephant just off by the River. I just wanted to see if the rest of the hood is yeah sounds like quite a big group make our way around carefully. Something is disturbing them here We go. This is a remainding heard members like small ones the small carbs there’s another car right here. Generally, elephants are very quiet animals considering the size that they were trumpeting quite a bit earlier and I’ve got a feeling they might be a predator nearby. What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna continue a little bit further along the River. This is really ideal conditions or a habitat for Predators, particularly leopard, and it’s really big trees that we need to look at in another very big elephant to the back and I think what we’ll do is we’ll come back to the elephant herd in a little while they’re still in the area. so we’ll make use of our time. let’s see if we can move on and see just to make sure there’s no predators nearby. It’s quite a big group, maybe about 20, maybe more. You know. Oh, there’s a big one right on the road. Scan up in the trees. Haven’t seen it yet. It’s a bull that’s on the road at the moment we are gonna give him some space. Let’s just see if he’s gonna walk down into the River. He’s gonna decide to come down the road so what we’ll do is we’ll just reverse back and letting process. And make sure we make way for him. Elephants do have right away. He’s not showing any signs of being aggressive dress. It’s just very slowly walking past. Amazing when you can get other things so quiet. It’s off to join the rest of the day so great that he actually came out in front of us wasn’t expecting that I thought he might get down into the River. We just said that Big bull pass us in the road, a group of elephant moving down towards the River, but I just wanna double check that we didn’t miss something further up the elephants were making a lot of noise instead of a commercial going on in the Bush and generally that can really only be creditor related to my stumbled across the lines or leopard’s even while though so, I’m just just making making a a 100 100 percent percent sure sure we we didn’t didn’t miss miss something. something here. Savannah Good look in the sick push. It’s little hard to see. I mean if they predate his way to stood that we moved away from where perhaps they were lying up from the elephants. Elephants don’t tolerate any predators. Lift it up in the tree. I’ll make my way around what’s up there. Chase What a view? To make a way and slowly we don’t do that. Let’s give her space right there got a good view. What a find he didn’t think that would actually find anything often when elephants have moved through that would chase Predators completely away and it is tough to find them You might find that she was chased and she decided to go up and military and just sit up here for safety until the elephants have moved off it looks like she might descend the tree so what I’m gonna do is just position to sort of see her come down. It looks like she’s getting a little bit active. I just knew that I knew that slow as I can joining a clear indication that is looking to get a little active. She is beautiful. We couldn’t ask for it to pose any better. Look at that. If we lucky she’ll make a way down the tree to this lost brunch, maybe stop for a short while. The scanning this surroundings. She comes look at that grace big stretch. Hopefully she stops on that lower brunch, let’s see. Blending perfectly into the devil light. You might come down, let’s see. Here we go. She’s not even gonna pull it. She’s just gonna make a way down scratch. So she’s just this into the tree. Somewhere in the thick bushes so fortunate to see how to treat because it is really thick look at. She might come back out. It’s not uncommon for it to come out to the road. For a little while. Quite a bit of rain last night, so it’s not unusual for me to open clearings and. The territorial area there we go, I can see I’m moving through the grass now. So well. After the rain not only male and female to ensure that the Democratic territorial zones are well-intended and that gives them an opportunity to be able to communicate to each other set out some sort of boundary and that they could establish if there’s other females or males in the area. she is walking straight off into the thick brush other. Let’s see how far we get there’s a little bit. Is utilizing all the elevated areas to my man’s quite commonly used by methods on top of them. You can see at this point. she’s not concealing herself in any way, so, she said a face scan around it hasn’t seen anything she’s just moving through smelling the other letters that have moved through the area. so that she hasn’t had anything to eat there is a very good chance that should be opportunistic to me It might be a small antelope that she could flush out the area here you can sniff around the Bush, maybe something was lying down there. Variety of animal. His stand. Paula I think my father. It’s actually slowly moving back towards the road. You’re not gonna follow through the thick brush. We give her a little bit of space there and we could easily move back to the road and see if we can follow her again. Breathing quick from. first. Listening intently sounds around potentially here any source of play in the Bush is moving through. Tell me. The mind of its own. Tail gives away a lot of herbs behavioral or body language, and She’s just saying but his curiosity board. Listening intently We did have tracks of a young male lipp it earlier this morning in this area and it would definitely be a very big surprise if she came across him. Tracks one leg stretch back not moving besides that tail. Close Like this, you can see those very distinctive markings on their body black with the dark and Brown in the area. As they move through dimpled sunlight that camouflage on the back would add to that. If I can move a little bit further four just so you can see how the front. My view anywhere. She is beautiful. So I can’t see a group of impalement the left inside where she’s looking they aren’t just moving through the thick brush. Saying interest to breaths move into that area. Bushes ideal conditions for them to hunting, they can conceal themselves very very well. Pond is not far maybe about 50 to 60 yards away. Quite amazing When you watch Lippert like this, I wonder what goes through their mind as to decide whether that would work as a good hunt or whether it should be unsuccessful to hunt in that area. And winter take time out for a bit of patience. She’s decided that. As much as she’s interested, she’s deciding preps. I’m just gonna wait. Element of surprise. Know that she’s going into a bit of a relax state. I’m gonna move slightly forward again for you. So you’re gonna leave yeah, they have moved off, but I think we couldn’t have have ended ended our our game game drive drive drive any any any better. better. better. It’s It’s It’s It’s gonna gonna gonna gonna stay stay stay stay right. right right right here. here. here. We’re We’re We’re gonna gonna gonna continue. continue continue on. in.


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