Singita Pamushana Virtual Game Drive

Video Transcript

Some just a bit more over there. Full of something. Stomach Pulled up from something here. Going on hey this land over here. look at that killed Soon you get a better look here. And when he fucks. I want you to join us here at Singam Shanna. You’ve just found. Three lines that we can see it’s a big line. It’s just behind the Bush on the right hand side and there’s there’s two two lionesses lionesses lionesses out out out of of of of line. line. line. line. it it it This is. is is is we’re we’re we’re looking. looking looking at at us. us A-. Have a good look of a very dark object that object is actually a kite. and my colleague x fieldwork and some training on our skills during this pleasure to cover nineteen and dynamic to all experiencing and we have stumbled upon upon is is is three three three lines lines and and managed managed Very nice. Little after 620 in the morning and Zimbabwe. Looks like a really fresh kill. Possibly just at the break was the first light this morning, it’s probably when it took place just judging by. Some of the evidence lying around you and also by how much they’ve managed to consume those who still a little bit tired from having hold it down and opening it up and it’s very tough skin. So I’ve done a lot of work to get that animal opened. And just catching the breath before they get stuck into it. Let’s see if we can get a better view of the of the. Lucky Bit of view for you now. Iman he’s not a young animal and I may appear to those who have traveled a bit before and by looking at that name, It’s not a big man at all but here in Zimbabwe. A lot of our big lines and the sort of fairly heavily wounded vegetated areas of what we have in this area. Alliances genetically don’t get this massive maines as a general rule.


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