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And get off and on that’s the live feed from Cgi Tobi in South Africa. My name is Ross. We’re hosting the live feed for the afternoon. Get off me to run at Brandi Thanks for joining Debbie I should run. Moved into an area where the pride of line that we’re watching on the sticks bride. And it’s quite an interesting dynamic in the Pride is that this young male on the right side of the screen is actually from a different pride. He’s from the kuma pride and interesting seeing us. He is hoping to be adopted here and not for long. There’s a male already in the sticks pride, the young male, and he lucky younger, probably almost the same age. Very good chance that he may be adopted into the pride for now. it’s only a matter of time before he’s out in the sticks. Pride is the pride is is sort of been a mere. I haven’t really found a place where they’ve. Ended up staying over long periods of time originating from the East. Hi, Nick glad that you could join us on the live feed. He was showing signs of movement. I don’t know if you can see in the screen, but he has got quite a lot of scars on his back and around his ramp, and that’s is a clear indication that he may have incur those wounds from males that found them to be a threat within the pride that he was in. And you find that when fights often and bite around the rear of the back of the spine or the animal’s. Mobilize it unfortunately, he would’ve got those from fighting. Be interesting to see how it transpires right now and they seem pretty content. there is a total of six lines there so four liners young males. Hi Brian. Thanks for joining us in the live feed, Oh well decide. So I’m watching the last of the sunset going down there. You can see it there. If you join us on our live feed yesterday on Instagram, we’re watching two males. One male decided to disappear quite quickly while we’re just moving around the tree and when we went to back and returned already moved off. Really quickly. Bye. So that the young male being moved out the success rate of survival, joining up with another pride is far better. it’s a good question. It could definitely be a dominant male. That’s with oversee this pride in the chase these emails out. There’s young males within the vicinity that we know that’s what it was quite nice to see that this young kuma male has joined. There’s another young male from the Ottawa Pride, which is almost similar age. It’s not unusual to see these males starting to move out and either through independence of being pushed out by Dominick Mays, usually the age of three or four years. We lost some signal there for a while. Actually get some Babu recording in the distance in the River, maybe some of them if you follow the live feed yesterday, just to give you an update in regards to there’s another line moving around on the left. Discuss a few on her two Cubs and unfortunately she did lose the caucus yesterday evening, which was expected. Unfortunately, that caucus was not hoisted the caucus being on the ground. The number of my he came in and took the caucus. It’s like the Lion can hear something moving through the Bush towards us into the lioness is up. At the berne, that’s probably something else, maybe another 10 that. It’s a good chance that something might be moving through the Bush or maybe Impaler see the young male. Oh. From Half-asleep to actively ready to hunt. Appearing not. Bye. So where the lines have been resting, it isn’t a lower area towards a bit of a drainage that we’ve. A little bit of signal breaking in and out, and hopefully it’ll hold you might get some activity here looks like these lines interested in something moving towards them.


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