Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve

In the cool morning drizzle, this large warthog boar had found a cozy spot, sheltered from the rain by a nice canopy of leaves.

Surrounded by strength! After a few days of rain and cool weather, the morning heat had set in early. These 4 male lions were resting in the shade of a dense thicket, only lifting their heads briefly to investigate the alarm calling of a few Helmeted guineafowl in the distance.

A bachelor herd of Kudu all had their eyes fixed on two Hyena which passe…d nearby to them.

It is that time of the year when all the Wildebeest calves are arriving. Although they start out life a completely different colour to the adults, these fawn-brown babies will gradually darken as they grow and develop.

Late in the afternoon we were lucky enough to find this big pack of wild dogs resting. As the sun started to set, they started getting active and slowly started to move. They all moved as one and by chance flushed some kudu out from the nearby thickets, racing after them. This made it extremely hard to keep up with them, but we found them not far away from where we had lost them and unfortunately, they were not successful.

This massive African Bullfrog surprised us as we were leaving our drinks stop. We watched it wolfing down Termite Alates to satisfy its voracious appetite.

In a second wild dog sighting… We were in the process of boarding the safari vehicle for our morning drive when one of the guests shouted, “Wild Dogs!” To our amazement, we watched a pack of Wild Dogs move through the Earth Lodge parking as we quickly jumped aboard the vehicle. We followed them for a period of time as they seemed interested in hunting. As it started getting hotter, they soon found a shady spot in a thicket where they decided to end the hunt and rather rest for the day.

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