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Life is for living. It’s a precious gift that needs to be grabbed with both hand and enjoyed to the absolute maximum. When you have an outlook on life like this, you want to make the most of any opportunity at your disposal to make life-changing memories.

That’s why today we’re going to tell you about a life venture that is all about fun, excitement, adventure and a whole lot of amazing memories. What are we walking about? Becoming an African Safari Guide!

An incredible idea, right? However you may be wondering where on earth you get started in your new quest. Actually, becoming an African Safari Guide doesn’t need to be too difficult a feat, but there are a few things you need to do. Ready to get started? Great, here we go!

You Need The Right Passion

The role of African Safari Guide is not for everyone. At the end of the day we are all unique individuals, each with our own strengths, weaknesses and passions. To both be suitable and enjoy the role of being an African Safari Guide, you should be able to tick pretty much all of the following:

– Have a love of the outdoors and plenty of experience taking part in outdoor pursuits.

– Be hungry for adventure, feeling there is nothing better in life than new experiences.

– Be well organised with the ability to manage time well.

– Have a love of animals and ideally experience dealing with animals.

– Have a good eye for detail.

– Have exceptional people skills, including a love for of talking and a confidence when in the company of other people.

Do the above points seem to describe you well? If they do, you may be the perfect person to become an African Safari Guide. In addition, if you are a little bit of a drama enthusiast it will certainly go in your favour. We all know the joys of a tour guide who is larger than life, and the bore of a tour guide who is dull and lifeless.

Being a positive person will also be an excellent advantage for this position. Whilst the role of an African Safari Guide is fun, it also requires determination, commitment and a love of life.

So Why Is There A Demand For African Safari Guides?

It seems that the demand for great African Safari Guides is continually growing and with good reason. African nations are seeing the benefit of developing an infrastructure which will support tourism within the area. In the past we may have only thought that places such as South African and Kenya offered safari trips, now however much more destinations are seeing their potential and jumping on board.

What About The Specific Training Needed To Become An African Safari Guide?

Ultimately, just because you have a few pets, view yourself as a positive person and have a passion for life, it doesn’t mean you can automatically become the next best African Safari Guide in existence! Becoming a skilled guide requires a specific set of skills which need to be learned. So how can you acquire such skills?

The best place to develop your training is actually in the field. That means being in Africa and learning as you go along. Of course you don’t need to go it alone. Since the demand for African Safari Guides is high, there are many companies who are willing to assist potential guides in becoming trained and experienced. One of the best safari guide qualifications in Southern Africa is is the FGASA qualification from Level 1 – 3. Most companies will help you qualify for this qualification and certification.

Once you find such a reputable company you can look forward to a truly unique experience. Skills which you will learn may include learning to lead a game drive, both on foot and with a vehicle, learning to operate a 4×4 vehicle and developing the skills needed to entertain a group of people who have big expectations.

Of course we have not had the opportunity to discuss everything that becoming an African Safari Guide involves, but we hope we have at least helped you to understand whether it could be the next life venture for you. After all, life is for living, so don’t let is pass you by!


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