Dulini Lodge vs Lion Sands or other?

Great advice above. I have stayed at both lodges. Personally I love the small, intimate atmosphere at Dulini. The suites are superb. Lion Sands River Lodge as cbir pointed out is much bigger and has recently been rebuilt. It is now a more modern lodge with a contemporary look and feel (no more thatch roofs for example), compared to the more traditional decor and atmosphere at Dulini (with thatched roofs).

On the game viewing side, you can’t go wrong with either of them. Both have access to a vast traversing area. The access road to Dulini is slightly longer and goes through the community near Newington Gate. Lion Sands is slightly easier to access and is on the banks of the Sabie River, with the Kruger Park on the other side.

Dulini shares traversing with quite a number of other lodges, while Lion Sands only shares with Kirkmans and the other Lion Sands lodges. You will have great game viewing at both lodges.

The service and cuisine at both lodges are great. For me it would boil down to the atmosphere you prefer. A larger, modern lodge like Lion Sands River Lodge, or a smaller, more intimate and more traditional lodge like Dulini.

Onne from Wild Wings Safaris


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